Meet Tiffany Valle, a “Do It All” Evergreen Woman in Recycling

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I do everything with a smile on my face and a passion in my heart.

My career in recycling began by chance. I was working for a staffing agency and filled in for an onsite position at CarbonLITE (now Evergreen). When opportunity to join the Evergreen team full-time arose, I jumped on it.

Coming in as an executive assistant, I immediately discovered a love for the business. I was tasked with daily reporting of production but realized I could automate the process and focus on analyzing the data instead. The automation made my position obsolete, so I applied for a position in management. I was awarded the position of environmental health and safety manager, which came with its own set of hurdles. Our company was new to the area and did not have many safety programs in place or relationships with city officials. I worked hard creating and implementing programs that would keep our employees safe and our company in compliance.

This role also required me to work closely with our customers. I learned how every piece of equipment worked together and this truly set my love for our process on fire. Two years later, our purchasing manager left, and I was asked to fill in until someone was hired. In two short months, I saved the company a great deal of money by re-evaluating contracts and identifying new vendors. As a result, I became the purchasing manager. I was later  promoted to continuous improvement manager and worked closely with our people on the floor. In this role, I’ve overseen the implantation of our ERP system, filled in for our logistics and HR managers and assisted with the Evergreen acquisition.

The thing I love about my job is there’s always an opportunity to learn something new. I also love the relationships I’ve developed with everyone over the years. I’m reminded often that the employees feel comfortable coming to talk to me. That’s special.

Women bring something different to the table in the recycling industry. We bring passion and determination, but we also have a way of making the team feel more like a family, rather than just a bunch of co-workers. I’m often the loudest person in a room full of men, but sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed.

Can you tell I love my family? They motivate me to do my best. I hope that when my children are older, they have the same work ethic as their parents. I want them to work hard and do something they love, while also enjoying life. Outside of work, my husband, kids, and I love to get out and explore. On weekends, you’ll find us at the beach, mountains, zoos, or even just going to the park. We’re also a Disney family and make it to the Disneyland any chance we can.

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