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Evergreen offers the following post-consumer recyclable materials that are sorted and ready for your application. We can supply one-time and ongoing recycled materials needs. Let’s advance the circular economy together.

Recyclable products are available in full or mixed truckloads. Purchaser can pick up or Evergreen will arrange freight from our plants in Albany, New York; Clyde, Ohio; and Riverside, California.

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Material Item # Description
PET Clear Purge CLPU70000 PET clear purge (Could contain discoloration, burnt pieces, paper, metal, or wood.)
PET Mixed Color Purge GRPU70000 PET mixed color purge – Mostly Green (Could contain discoloration, burnt pieces, paper, metal wood.)
PP/PE Caps & Rings PPCP100000 PP/PE caps & rings (Separated in float tank, from post-consumer bottle bales). Could have minimal PET, PVC, nylon or label.) Unable to provide MI as all bales vary depending on source.
2-7 Mixed ColorPlastic Bales MXTB10000 Mixed plastics 2-7 from optimal sorts and manual sort line from post consumer bottle bales, mixed color
PET Clear Aspirated Flake CLBF10000 PET clear aspirated flake off washline
PET Mixed Color Aspirated Flake GRBF10000 PET mixed color aspirated flake off washline, mostly green
PET Clear Fines CLFI10000 PET clear fines from washline
PET Mixed Color Fines GRFI10000 PET mixed color fines from washline, mostly green
PET Clear Wet  Fines CLUF10000 PET clear wet fines
PET Mixed Color Wet Fines GRUF10000 PET mixed color washline wet flake, mostly green
PET Eddie-Current Flake/Fines Clear CLBF42000 PET eddie-current flake/fines clear (possibility of PVC, nylon or label contamination)
PET Eddie-Current Flake/Fines MC GRBF42000 ET eddie-current flake/fines mixed color (possibility of PVC, nylon or label Contamination)
PET Mixed Color Flake MXFL10000 Rejects from color satake on washline (could have some PETG, nylon, PVC contamination)
MXFL50000 Rejects from the blend station
Mixed Color Paper Elutriator Flake MXFL10000 Mixed color paper elutriator flake off washline
Aluminum Cans ALCA10000 Mixed loose in gaylords.  Minimum plastic.
PP Supersaks PPTB10000 PP supersack bales
Mixed Film Bales PETB10000 Mixed film assorted bales (mixed materials) Mostly clear -B/ C-grade
OCC Reusable Gaylords OCGA10000 3 to 5 wall mostly octagon , 36 to 42 inch. Stacked on pallet and strapped
OCC Bales OCBL10000 Baled OCC cardboard
OCC Cornerboard OCCB10000 Baled or loose in gaylords
Totes white with metal cage TOTE10000 Totes with and without metal cage – cleaned
Mixed Metal MET10000 Mixed metal scrap

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