Recycling Services

By Purchasing Your Waste, We’re Making Landfills a Thing of the Past

Want to divert millions of pounds of recyclable materials from landfills, waterways, oceans, and your community? Partner with Evergreen and we will gladly accept recyclable materials you collect at our Albany, NY; Clyde, OH; Riverside, CA; and Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada recycling facilities. Rebates are paid for PET bottles, PET strap, preforms, and other PET materials. Our goal is to support the circular economy by making landfills a thing of the past. 

We accept recyclable materials in full or mixed truckloads. Seller can deliver to our facilities or Evergreen will arrange freight.

Here’s Who We Partner With

Material Recovery Facilities

Bottle Manufacturers

Other Manufacturers


Smaller Reclaimers

Got Recyclables? Here’s What We Accept.

Evergreen is ready to accept truckloads of these recyclable products and materials:

PET Bottles + Material

  • PET Bottle Preforms
  • PET Bottles – Whole or Ground
  • PET Chopped Strap
  • Clear & Green PET Bottle Flakes
  • Clear + Green PET Bottle Flakes Dirty
  • PET Bottle Preforms – Whole or Ground
  • PET Purge


  • Corrugated
  • Mixed Paper


  • Aluminum Cans
  • Ferrous + Non-Ferrous Metals


  • Film

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