Sustainability Solutions

Growing Green Together with Our Customers

We all have a vested interest in reducing reliance on landfills, eliminating waste and embracing new practices that advance the continual use of the earth’s resources. But where do we start? How do we turn complex issues into simple, easy to implement solutions? 

Evergreen and sister company Greenbridge have the answer. Leveraging our core strengths and vertical integration in manufacturing, recycling, technology, and services that extend the life of tools and equipment, we have developed a proactive, flexible, total solutions approach that helps customers take the ideals of a circular economy and turn them into reality. And, we do so in a way that satisfies sustainability needs without sacrificing business objectives.

Each sustainability solution is unique to the customer and can include purchasing materials like rPET, products like strap and cornerboard, equipment, and services. We even collect your recyclable materials on an ongoing basis, removing this step and reducing your organization’s waste and landfill costs. With locations across North America, serving as your sustainability partner couldn’t be easier.

The Building Blocks of Your Sustainability Solution

Sustainability Audits

Conducted at your site to identify opportunities for recycling and reuse. The deliverable is an actional strategy to achieve sustainability goals.

Material Collection

We reduce your waste sent to landfills, collecting your used or scrap PET, polypropylene, strap + cord, paper, stretch wrap, and other materials.

Strapping + Cord

We provide a full range of strapping, including high-performance embossed polyester from recycled and virgin content. And, we’ll buy your scrap back.


Protects and stabilizes throughout the supply chain. Custom lengths, custom printing, made from 100% recycled paperboard and 100% recyclable.


Evergreen Environmental recycles 100+ million pounds of PET bottles a year. The RPET resin and flake we produce is sold to our customers and lives on in new packaging.

Hand Tools

We sell—and service—the tools your team needs, including battery-powered and pneumatic friction weld tools, tensioners, sealers, and dispensers.


We offer unitizers, bundling and strapping systems, from individual machines to full line integration, designed and engineered specifically for the corrugated industry.

Parts, Service + Training

We keep your tools and machinery online with video and onsite training, repairing and rebuilding equipment and strapping heads—even those of other vendors.

Technology R&D

The digital economy is redefining manufacturing. We are expanding our robust lab technology and testing capabilities to create new opportunities for you.

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