Sustainability Audits

Finding Opportunities to Be Leaner and Greener

Every Evergreen Sustainability Solution starts with a Sustainability Audit. Our team comes to your location(s) to gain an understanding of your operations, where waste is generated, how waste is currently managed, what materials are being recycled versus landfilled, and associated costs if you are comfortable sharing.

What we learn from the audit serves as the basis of a customized sustainability program designed to:

  • Identify all recyclable materials, both the type and amount 
  • Create a strategy for capturing + recycling
  • Reduce waste and landfills costs
  • Identify reusable packaging + create a strategy for reuse
  • Identify opportunities for equipment + tool maintenance to improve performance or extend life
  • Identify opportunities to streamline packaging needs
  • Maximize use of recycled materials such as rPET
  • Provide monthly data to support ESG and other sustainability goals you can use with customers, investors and other interested parties

Evergreen welcomes the opportunity to become your partner in sustainability. To start a conversation or to learn more, please completed and submit this form.

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