Our Roots Are in Recycling, Our Mission Is a Sustainable Future

Our Roots Are in Recycling, Our Mission Is a Sustainable Future

Evergreen was originally founded in 1998 to provide a reliable supply of quality polyester resin to sister company Greenbridge for its portfolio of PET strapping. Thanks to our team, advanced recycling technology and processes, strong customer relationships, and rapidly expanding capacity, Evergreen is among North America’s three largest plastic (PET) recyclers and producer of recycled PET (rPET), with locations in Albany, NY; Clyde, OH; Riverside, CA; and Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. Each year, we process more than two billion post-consumer PET bottles. We’re also among the largest, if not the largest, producer of food-grade rPET, with an annual capacity of 147 million pounds. That number will grow in May 2022 when our expansion in Clyde comes on line. (Details below.) Evergreen is the preferred supplier of food and non-food grade rPET to top global brands and packaging companies, helping them increase recycled content in their products, meet ESG and sustainability goals, and satisfy consumer preference for “green” packaging.

There’s another important side to Evergreen. We partner with municipal and commercial recycling facilities as well as business and industrial customers, purchasing recyclable material. This material is then sorted and made ready for other uses. The end goal is to make landfills a thing of the past, help customers achieve sustainability goals and make the circular economy possible for all of us.

11.6 Billion Plus 

PET Bottles Recycled
Each Year

147 Million Pounds

of rPET Produced
Each Year

87,100 Tons

of Recyclable Material Collected
Each Year

Evergreen Leadership Team

Peg Sherry

Sales + New Business Development Manager, Sustainability

Evergreen Is Doubling Manufacturing Capacity of Food-Grade rPET at Clyde, Ohio Facility  

With demand for recycled PET surging, Evergreen is doubling our manufacturing capacity of rPET pellets at our recycling and rPET manufacturing facility in Clyde, Ohio. When the expansion is complete in May 2022, capacity will expand from 147 million pounds of rPET annually to XXX million pounds, making Evergreen among the largest, if not the largest producer, of rPET resin in North America.

The expansion includes a new, 54,000-square-foot building adjacent to the current 238,000-square foot facility. The addition will house four high-volume, food-grade rPET manufacturing lines with solid-state polycondensation reactors capable of delivering the higher quality specifications required by leading consumer products brands.