Our Roots Are in Recycling, Our Mission Is a Sustainable Future
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Our Roots Are in Recycling, Our Mission Is a Sustainable Future

Evergreen was originally founded in 1998 to provide a reliable supply of quality polyester resin. Thanks to our team, advanced recycling technology and processes, strong customer relationships, and rapidly expanding capacity, Evergreen is among North America’s three largest plastic (PET) recyclers and producer of recycled PET (rPET), with locations in Albany, NY; Clyde, OH; Riverside, CA; and Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. Each year, we process more than two billion post-consumer PET bottles. We’re also among the largest, if not the largest, producer of food-grade rPET, with an annual capacity of 231 million pounds. Evergreen is the preferred supplier of food and non-food grade rPET to top global brands and packaging companies, helping them increase recycled content in their products, meet ESG and sustainability goals, and satisfy consumer preference for “green” packaging.

There’s another important side to Evergreen. We partner with municipal and commercial recycling facilities as well as business and industrial customers, purchasing recyclable material. This material is then sorted and made ready for other uses. We employ AI-enabled robotics to accelerate sorting and capture every recyclable bottle that we can. The end goal is to make landfills a thing of the past, help customers achieve sustainability goals and make the circular economy possible for all of us.


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Evergreen MIssion Vision Values

Our Mission

To be THE leader in the recycling of rPet materials that offer an ethical and environmentally sustainable solution to our customers through an integrated system of waste reduction, reuse, recycling and innovative technology.

Our Values

Our values are the core foundation to everything we do at Evergreen. It drives our employees at all levels to know that TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

The pillars of excellence that we use to drive our business are:
Fiscal Responsibility
Community Partnership / Outreach

Our Vision

Evergreen Recycling is strategically focused to partner on:

  • Reducing the amount of waste by promoting individual and ethical corporate responsibility.
  • Recover waste for its highest optimal use while balancing rates and service.
  • Globally transforming and educating on how PET can be utilized as a re-usable resource.
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Your sustainability journey starts with us. With four convenient North American locations, partnering with us has never been simpler.
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Our Locations

With an annual recycling capacity of 11.6 billion PET bottles and food-grade rPET capacity of 231 million pounds, we are among the three largest rPET producers in North America.

Riverside, California
Clyde, Ohio
Albany, New York
Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
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