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We’re hiring! And we have a team of Talent Acquisition Specialists who speak Spanish and English and are here to help candidates through the hiring process, answer questions, and share with you special programs that pays you to refer friends and family for jobs. Click the button to see current job openings in English or Spanish.


Estamos Contratando! Y tenemos un equipo de especialistas en adquisición de talentos listos para ayudar, que hablan español e inglés y están aquí para ayudar a los candidatos durante el proceso de contratación, responder preguntas y compartir con usted programas especiales que le pagan por recomendar a amigos y familiares para trabajos. Haga clic en un botón para ver nuestras ofertas de trabajo en inglés o español.

Evergreen’s Can-Do Culture Motivates Our Team and Helps Save the Planet.

We’re in business to change the world. Each year, Evergreen recycles more than two billion PET bottles, keeping them out of landfills, oceans, rivers, forests, and roadways. We also produce 147 million pounds of recycled PET plastic that goes into new bottles and other products. We’re working with communities and businesses to buy their trash so it can be recycled, too. Our people in Albany, NY; Clyde, OH; Riverside, CA; and Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, are committed to playing important roles in saving our planet. It’s a big job and somebody has to do it. Want to join us?
2024 Benefits at a Glance

Evergreen Work Perks

We believe we do our best work when we’re appreciated, supported and rewarded. Here are a few of the benefits we’re proud to provide to our team members.
competitive salary
Competitive Salary
healthcare benefits
Healthcare Benefits
401(k) Retirement Plans
paid vacation
Paid Vacation
paid holidays
Paid Holidays
health + safety
Health + Safety
Tuition Reimbursement