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We all have a vested interest in reducing reliance on landfills, eliminating waste, and embracing new practices that advance the continual use of the earth’s resources. But where do we start? How do we turn complex issues into simple, easy to implement solutions?

Evergreen has the answer. Leveraging our core strengths and vertical integration in manufacturing, recycling, technology, and services that extend the life of tools and equipment, we have developed a proactive, flexible, total solutions approach that helps customers take the ideals of a circular economy and turn them into reality. We do so in a way that satisfies sustainability needs without sacrificing business objectives.

With four locations across North America, serving as your sustainability partner couldn’t be easier.

Evergreen Recycling is strategically focused to partner on:

  • Reducing the amount of waste by promoting individual and ethical corporate responsibility
  • Recover waste for its highest optimal use while balancing rates and service
  • Globally transforming and educating on how PET can be utilized as a re-usable resource
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