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Adding Recycled Content to Your Packaging Has Never Been Easier
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Evergreen offers recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) resin in pellet and flake formats. Pellet is available with a Non-Objection Letter (NOL). Flake is available without a NOL. All rPET is produced to the customer’s specifications. Available rPET resins include:

  • Clear Pellet
  • Clear Flake
  • Green Pellet
  • Green Flake

rPET flake and pellet are packed in super sacks or large corrugated boxes with polyethylene liners and labeled to assure a safe, secure delivery. Some products are available via bulk container transportation.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an Evergreen priority and quality controls are built into our production and shipping processes. This includes:

Non-Objection Letter (NOL) rPET for Direct Food Contact

Evergreen produces large volumes of Non-Objection Letter (NOL)  rPET pellet for direct food contact in these categories specified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A. High-temperature heat sterilized over 212° F
B. Boiling water sterilized
C. Hot filled or pasteurized above 150° F
D. Hot filled or pasteurized below 150° F
E. Room temperature filled and stored (No thermal treatment in the container)
F. Refrigerated storage (No thermal treatment in the container)
G. Frozen storage (No thermal treatment in the container)
H. Frozen or refrigerated storage (Ready prepared foods intended to be reheated in the container at time of use)
1) Aqueous or oil-in-water emulsion of high- or low-fat
2) Aqueous, high-or low-free oil or fat
J. Cooking at temperatures exceeding 250° F

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